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Weekly inspirations.

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  1. Such beautiful inspirations

  2. So amazing photos, where do you find them!
    Love this post.

  3. Lovely post. I love all the quotes. and that beach picture is amazing! :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss

  4. Hey Ivonne!!! How are you? OOOOOOO that 3rd photo :O and ahahha the cat and the clouds SOOOOOOO CUTE!!! The self care tips YES! <3 xoxo

  5. Ah~ the cat is sooo cute!!! I love the Walt Disney quote too:)
    Thank you for this week inspirations Ivonne! Can't help to read your next week inspirations:)

  6. Such perfect inspirations lovely, love those gorgeous couture gowns!


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  8. Great post dear! ♥
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  9. Love every inspiration post on your website! It's exactly the right amount of inspo I need every Monday morning ! Thanks for sharing, dear

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  10. Love this inspirations Ivonne, especially the Walt Disney's quote! :)


  11. Really lovely post dear :)

  12. świetne inspiracje, aż miło sie oglądało :)
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  13. Słowem tydzień niezwykle inspirujący 😍

  14. Always a fantastic Monday post, dear Ivonne! I loved so many pictures, of nice shoes and that place to admire the mountains, wow! But you know how much I love quotes and I loved the "steps for self-care", but one that really drew my attention today was that we should pay attention to the people who are happy because of our happiness and sad when we are sad. It's true. I tell you, I used to be the "center" or fun of parties some 5 years ago. Everybody invited me to loads of events. Then something really bad happened to me. I changed a lot, not my essence of being kind, but I needed time for me to recover. And what happened? 80% of who used to be "a friend" disappeared. Then of course, we know that they weren't real friends and friends for parties only I don't want. That was cool to see who my real friends are! So amazing post!!!!!!!! Bless your heart! Hope you have a very beautiful week!

    1. Hello Denise! Sorry to hear about that situation, but on the other hand, I'm happy that you found out who is your real friend! In my opinion, it's better to have few friends, which will always support and stay by you, no matter what will happen, than to have a lot of people, who just pretending your friends.
      Have a lovely evening, Denise :)

  15. I'm afraid of heights but that mountain view is spectacular.Beautiful inspiration!
    Have a nice day!

  16. Bardzo inspirujące zdjęcia wybrałaś :)
    Miłego wieczorku :)
    Anonimoowax - Klik

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  18. Stunning pictures as always.<333
    Wish you a nice week...

  19. such a great inspiration!!! I used to be people pleaser when I was a teenager, I was always worried how others see me, but naturally as I grew older I started caring less and less...Eventually, I became more relaxed about myself and this made me more relaxed about everyone and perhaps even everything. What was I going to say? Yes, being people pleaser is never a good idea. We can't make others happy by giving them what they want and we certainly can't make ourselves happy that way. We got to make choices we believe are right and try to be there for those we love---but that doesn't mean we should give them everything they want. Every friendship should be based on equality, there must be respect or it is never going to be a real friendship.

  20. Love your inspo posts,they always make me happy! :)

  21. nice post as usual :)

  22. Just stopping by to wish you a beautiful day, Ivonne.

  23. You know, I loooooove your inspiration posts, Ivonne!
    the pics are so fashionable and the quotes are soooo right (I think we've got non only fashion tastes in common)! :D
    Have a lovely week, sweetie!

  24. Ostatnie zdjęcie powinnam sobie wydrukować i powiesić na ścianie :)

  25. Najbardziej polubiłam drugie, z tą niebieską bluzką i spodenkami, kota w chmurach, palmy i spódnicę w kratkę biało- czarną :D

  26. it's been a while since I last visited your blog dear. Forgive me. I always love visiting your blog for inspiration. Thank you so much. This post is amazing and this is something that I really need :D

    love lots,

  27. The last quote is just the perfect motivation. Especially when it comes to saying yes and no in the right situations. This is something a lot of people cannot do, and I was one of them. Thank you for this bunch of inspiration here too!

    Sun and Sany - Bulgarian travel and leisure blog