niedziela, 24 września 2017

Weekly inspirations.

source: HERE

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  1. Amen to each and every quote! Happy Sunday, Ivonne.
    new look: Midsummer Dream

  2. Cudowne inspiracje :D

  3. Great inspo, I really like the fashions!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  4. Dear Ivonne, that's again such a beautiful inspiration to start the week! I hope you are fine, busy, I know, but happy! It's true, no one is too old to pursue dreams, it's not to late. And yes as well, we have to love ourselves for the things we are, that we know how to do, that we accomplished, and not hate ourselves for what we still are looking for! I love your Monday quotes, they are really inspiring! Hope you have a lovely week, dear Ivonne!

  5. Such lovely quotes dear! The motivational quotes you picked are all true and really inspiring. I also love the fashion shots, they're all so cool. Thanks for sharing lovely!!

  6. As usual interesting post! Thanks a lot for sharing)