niedziela, 21 stycznia 2018

Weekly inspirations.

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  1. I lways enjoy reading your inspirational posts. Loved the quotes. Have a wonderful week ahead.

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  2. Super inspiracje :D

  3. Dear Ivonne, this post is so amazing! I loved every picture and quote, I even share one on my recently opened Instagram account. I am so sure that the greater the effort, the more we have to celebrate, to be proud of! And also, we should make life simpler. Also true that we carry people we love in our hearts... you always find the most inspirational quotes, that really resonate with me! Hope you are having a nice month, hugs dear Ivonne!

  4. Here's my nice start of the week!

  5. Hi Ivonne, hope you're having a nice week!

    As you know I always enjoy your selection of pictures to start the weekend, the last is very special for me because even if we have the tools and the resources we still complicate our lives a lot, let's go straight for what we want right? Sometimes the answers are simple than we imagine ;)

    Best from Barcelona and hugs!

  6. Ostatnie <3 Niby takie proste a jednak :) Wspaniałe inspiracje!
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