wtorek, 8 maja 2018

Thrifted: Fields of rapeseed.

top: New Yorker, jeans: thrifted (rita tricot), shoes: zara, sunglasses: h&m, bag: rosewholesale

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  1. Hi Ivonne, hope you're having a nice week! :D

    Love how you're welcoming Spring and nicer weather, actually Barcelona still a little big cloudy and rainy, so I'm still wearing a jacket! Love everything in this look but those sunnies are terrific and the best part is that you could mix it with many many other things ;) I really like how you're not only showing us the outfit but also the field with the flowers and your environment!

    Best dear!

  2. Ooooo widzę rzepak już kwitnie, muszę w koncu zrobić w nim sesję, bo rok temu przegapiłam, a zdjęcia wychodzę na jego tle bajecznie <3

  3. beautiful fields, beautiful outfit.<3

  4. Świetna torebka! I te zdjęcia na tle rzepaku są super :)
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