czwartek, 19 października 2017

Thrifted: Colorful autumn.

jacket: zara, sweater: thrifted (h&m), trousers: h&m, shoes: h&m, bag: rosewholesale

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  1. Fajne jesienne zdjęcia :D

  2. Hello, this is not Lenya but her boyfriend, I use Lenya's account on her behalf. Lenya sends her love, she is terribly sorry for not being around lately. I posted an explanation on her blog. For more information please visit her blog.
    best regards
    S.C. aka Mr. Boyfriend

  3. Beautiful colours and pictures!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  4. Hey Ivonne, hope you're doing well!

    Love the combo, I think the color palette is just P E R F E C T for autumn vibes! Love that you decided to shoot your outfit in the middle of the forest with the nature and other amazing details like that cute mushroom!

    PS: Thanks for your comment about my Prague Travel blog, I need to return to Czech Republic as soon as possible!

    I'm gonna read the other post you shared this week!

    Have a lovely weekend dear!
    Hey Fungi Blog

  5. Świetna kurtka i sweterek:) wyglądasz cudownie!

  6. fajnie wyglądasz :)

  7. Beautiful honey! I wish you an amazing weekend <3
    The Fancy Cats


  8. Nice post dear …………………keep posting!!!!!


  9. Świetnie wyglądasz kochana :D
    super kolorki nam zaserwowalaś- ja uwielbiam takie wyraźne i zdecydowane, zwlaszcza jesienią i zimą, gdy 90% spoleczenstwa chodzi ubrana na czarno :)

  10. Hello, creative friend! Long time no see, so I finally had to look what's going on here 😊 A beautiful outfit, as always! And a toadstool ❤❤❤ I love them so much,like a piece of a faerie land ❤ Wish you a beautiful autumn time!

  11. Piękna stylizacja na jesienne dni. Super wyglądasz w czerwonym kolorze :)
    Mój blog - Klik

  12. śliczne masz włosy <2 i blog również :D

    Zapraszam do siebie ! :)